About Xoes

photography selfie xoes

Photography selfie

Making something is one thing. Making something useful is another. I like to experiment with usability and I like to make ugly things.

Design does not mean usable, art does not mean do not touch. The idea is never the final product. The way people use a product defines the design. I can’t design something useful by myself, only for myself.

Xoes is a culmination of many years of many interests. After studying fashion design at ARTeZ and trying to find a suitable job I decided to do another education in digital media design which turned into a thesis on game design and dialog engines.

After graduation I started as a ict helpdesk engineer and functional designer while in my free time still drawing, tinkering and designing clothes.

I now work on combining digital and analog design in making conceptual tech clothing and modelling for 3D printing, I design prints and I like to conceptualize unusable products like chatbots that only talk gibberish, a cloudbased GPS fart-locator or a twinkly LED sweater.

I am also learning BMX because what’s better than playing outside when the weather is nice!